The "on-line" contract accepted on the web site is intended stipulated between DPS SRL with registered office in Beinasco (TO), Italy, Strada Antica di None 22, and a purchaser through a sales system called e-commerce. For “purchaser”, is intended in the light of contracts for the sale of goods or a services, a physical person acting for purposes other than business or professional activity may be involved. With the term e-commerce we refer to all the activities and exchanges of information that revolve around economic transactions between entities and organizations, including public administrations. This contract must therefore be concluded exclusively via channel called "Internet", at Below are the vendor's sales conditions, which will remain effective until they are modified by the vendor. 

  1. Purchasing Method: 
    When placing the order, Customer can purchase the items present on the DPS’s electronic catalogue, and see them on-line on the website, with the description of the item. It is understood that the image describing the product, can be slightly different compared to the real product . All information present on the web pages are taken from pages published by the producers, therefore cannot be held accountable in any way, for the mistakes or omissions present in the pages, and has the right to make changes to it, as it sees fit. does not take upon itself any responsibility or liability for any damage that may occur using the parts purchased, and does not release any warranty or declaration concerning the accuracy of the information, declining any responsibility for mistakes or omissions in the contents. When the order is correctly received, will confirm it with a mail, sent to the e-mail address provided by the purchaser. Such message will have date and time and Customer Order Number, thus to use it in case of any kind of communication with The message contains all the data the customer inserted, and is to be verified as correct – in case of errors, please communicate the corrections immediately, according to the agreement reported in this document. In case the order could not be accepted, will immediately inform the customer.  

    Paying Methods:

    PayPal and Credit Cards: 

    PayPal allows any company and end user using an e-mail address and a credit card to send and receive payments in a safe, convenient and economical way.  
    PayPal uses the existing financial platform of banking accounts and credit cards to create a paying system on global bases in real time.  
    All connections are made via safe encrypted servers of PayPal network.

    Wire transfer in advance:

Payment via “wire transfer” will have to be received within 3 days from order’s date, and the currency will have to be valid from the day payment was made. Orders delayed more than 3 days will be considered cancelled. The wire transfer will need to report order number and full data name and surname or organization name of the purchaser.

Once payment is done, please send us copy of it via fax using the number +39 011 3497979 or via e-mail ( Please allow 24/48 hrs to check payment and if product is available we will proceed with immediate shipping of it.

Shipping and delivery method:
For each order received on, D.P.S. s.r.l. will emit an invoice of the shipped item – the invoice will be sent via e-mail to the customer, and a copy of it will be inserted in the package with the item, according to the regulations 'art 14 D.P.R. 445/2000 e DL 52/2004. The data used in the invoice will be the one supplied by the customer when placing the order. The variation on the invoice will not be allowed once it is issued. 
Shipping charges are visible in the order when completing the order on line and are on the customer’s side to bear.  
No responsibility can be charged to D.P.S. s.r.l. in case of delay in shipping the ordered items. Unless differently agreements with our customer service, delivery by courier will be made at street-level. When signing for the received goods, customer must check that packaging will be integer, not damaged, nor wet or altered and that the taping won’t show any sign of manipulation. Possible damage, wrong items or anything concerning the order received, has to be notified within 7 days from date of receipt, according to the agreement present in this contract. In case the package won’t be collected within 5 days after first attempt of delivery and remains at the courier’s warehouse, due to the impossibility of delivery, order will be automatically cancelled and all expenses borne will be billed to customer.  

3. Products availability 
Stocking of product is updated daily and are visible to customers directly on the website at the moment of purchase.  
With is also possible to order goods not present in the warehouse, with scheduled time of arrival. In this case, customer’s order has priority over the other orders, as soon as the product is available in the warehouse. When it will arrive, customer will receive an e-mail confirming the shipping of order.

4. Warranty 
D.P.S. srl sells products of high quality which are guaranteed by the producer. For any problem or defect, customer can contact our customer service within office hours to agree on how to return the faulty product. In case of restitution of the product, the same must be shipped via regular mail at DPS SRL – STRADA ANTICA DI NONE 22 –10092 BEINASCO – TURIN - ITALY 

5. Recess right 
According to the art. 5 DL 185/1999, if customer is an end user (that is a physical person who purchases goods not linked to a commercial activity, and in the supplied data is not present a VAT number), has the right to recess from the purchasing contract, but if on the order is present a VAT number, recess is valid only in case of detective goods, or in case the lead time to supply the item is too long.

In case of recess, customer must send an e-mail within 10 days from date of receiving goods. Such communication must report the reason why goods are being refused, and must be returned at full expense of the purchaser.  
- Goods must be returned fully integer, it’s not possible to apply the recess right only to a part of goods shipped. In case of purchasing of CDs, or other optic items they cannot be returned, same for softwares or accessories.
- goods have to be returned in the original case, complete in all its parts with proper documents, cables, labels. Possibly wrap the item and use a padded box to ship it – use a proper label to send it thus not risk to lose the item due to unproper addressing. 
- before returning the item customer must obtain a RMA number (returned material authorization) – DO NOT APPLY ANY SCOTCH TAPE ON THE ORIGINAL PACKAGE OF THE PRODUCT; 
- by law, shipping cost are on the purchaser to be borne.  
- until reaching of DPS’s warehouse, goods are under the shipper’s responsibility.  
- in case goods will reach the warehouse damaged, DPS will inform customer within 5 days from receiving goods, thus allow the customer to contact shipper and present claim to obtain the reimbursement (in case is being ensured), differently customer is responsible for the value of damage and therefore the request of recess will be voided; 
- D.P.S. s.r.l. cannot be held responsible for any damage, theft, lost goods of returned goods shipped without proper insurance.  
- Upon arrival at the warehouse, goods will be inspected to evaluate any damage or mishandling and eventual damage during transportation. In case the original packaging might result damaged, D.P.S. s.r.l. will withheld part of the owed sum, not over 10% of the value thus to allow to restore the damage occurred.  

6. Customer’s obligations 
Once the purchasing operation is concluded, customer is compelled and obliged to print and save the present purchasing conditions, that he has already countersigned, after having read and understood the contents of it, being a mandatory passage to purchase our goods – He will accept after viewing the product, not to supply false/invented/fantasy data during the registration process to activate this contract and further communications. Personal data and e-mail must be original and not other’s or fantasy data. In case of violation of such rule, DPS has the right to report any attempt of fraud and false registration to the authorities.

7. Authorization
Filling the field present in the registration form, purchaser authorizes DPS SRL to use the credit card, or any substitution of it, to credit on DPS’s bank account the amount of purchase made on-line. The charge is made via protected connection with the Bank which will operate payment service on-line, and to which DPS has no access.  

8. Privacy of personal data 
Personal data requested while creating the order are gathered and used only to serve the express request of customer, and will not, in any case, be given to third companies. assures its customer the respect of personal data according to the law codes concerning privacy as per directive DL 196 del 30.06.03. Responsible for this data is: D.P.S. s.r.l. Strada Antica di None 22 10092 Beinasco (TO) - Italy

Appliable Law 
The selling contract between Customer and D.P.S. s.r.l. is intended to be concluded and regulated by the Italian Law. In case of civil, penal dispute concerning the conclusion of this selling contract, if customer is an end user, the jurisdiction court is the one of the legal site of the company, or the Turin’s Cort Forum.