PayPal and Credit Cards:

PayPal allows any company and end user using an e-mail address and a credit card to send and receive payments in a safe, convenient and economical way.  
PayPal uses the existing financial platform of banking accounts and credit cards to create a paying system on global bases in real time.  
All connections are made via safe encrypted servers of PayPal network.

Wire transfer in advance:

Payment via “wire transfer” will have to be received within 3 days from order’s date, and the currency will have to be valid from the day payment was made. Orders delayed more than 3 days will be considered cancelled. The wire transfer will need to report order number and full data name and surname or organization name of the purchaser.

Once payment is done, please send us copy of it via fax using the number +39 011 3497979 or via e-mail ( Please allow 24/48 hrs to check payment and if product is available we will proceed with immediate shipping of it.